A peek into the mind of yours truly…

I’m coming up on the year anniversary since I moved to Florida and every day that goes by makes me realize how much the decision to move here has changed my life. For starters, if you went back a few years and asked any of my friends and family if they thought I’d turn into […]

Restaurant Review: J. Alexander’s

Even though I moved out, weekly dinner dates with my Bubby are still a ritual. Recently she took me to J. Alexander’s, one of the spots she frequents with her group of friends and somewhere I surprisingly haven’t been yet. Before we went, I checked out the restaurant’s website to look at the menu, as […]

A recipe of my very own! White Bean & Artichoke Salad

Remember my Passover seder post? I told you about  an artichoke and white bean salad made for us by my aunt’s friend. I loved it, and have been itching to try it out ever since. But you know me, I hate to simply follow a recipe exactly how it should be. Instead of making this […]