Eight Nights of Hanukkah Baking: Night #7, Cranberry Greek Yogurt Coffee Cake

This week was so busy. Unfortunately, that means that I couldn’t get in any more baking than I had already done — so the last two nights of Hanukkah were missing their Eight Nights of Hanukkah posts. But let’s just pretend like this post happened on Friday, for night #7.  I have made my share […]

White Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

I recently discovered a new healthy recipe blog whose main focus is on vegan desserts, Chocolate Covered Katie.  She has some really innovative ideas and I have been wanting to make some of her desserts for a while now. I finally got around to baking her breakfast cookies, and was very happy with the result. The […]

First Recipe of 2012: Cranberry-Applesauce Bars

A free afternoon can only mean one thing: more time to make use of the kitchen. I haven’t baked since my Eight Days of Hanukkah posts and I was starting to get antsy. Pretty soon I may not have much time to cook or bake often so I figure I’d better get in as much […]

On the 7th Day of Hanukkah…

The holidays are always filled with lots of food. People break out their “fat pants” and flowy dresses so they can indulge a bit more without feeling those tight waistbands. But fear not! Here is a delicious dessert that won’t break the scale, but will still satisfy your sweet tooth. Thank you, Skinnytaste, for for […]