Pop, Fizz, Clink with Cavicchioli 1928 Prosecco and Rose Spumante

Cavicchioli 1928

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Week 5 #BarBrawls — First Tie and First Female Winner!

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Summertime Cocktails – Guest Post from Cupcakes Cocktails & Kids

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Blackberry Ginger Mojitos and Celebrating a 30th Birthday!

Never miss a bite! Sign up here to receive new recipes and reviews straight to your inbox. A refreshing cocktail like these Blackberry Ginger Mojitos are just the thing to keep you cool during the summer heat. You can make this cocktail by the glass or in big batches, perfect for bringing to a birthday party!   I miss being a […]

Watermelon and Lime Refresher with Naked Turtle White Rum

I tend to put things off that are super important. Things like oh, I don’t know, talking to my accountant about the fact that I now work for myself and need to know all about that fun stuff for the current tax season. Not a conversation that makes one jump for joy, but something ya gotta […]

Fresh Mint Mojitos

There is nothing more refreshing than a Mint Mojito. It’s such a simple drink to make and so tasty. It’s always one of my top cocktail choices when I’m out, but I’ve never made it myself..  Remember when I went to the Flavors event? They were giving pots of fresh herbs to everyone as they […]

Skinny White Russian to celebrate #Sochi #WinterOlympics

Here’s part three of my Olympic Opening Ceremony night with Mom. We had to do something to celebrate the location of this year’s winter Olympics. A Russian-inspired drink seemed appropriate, and it’s winter…so there’s probably snow on the ground. Let’s make White Russians!  My mom’s favorite cocktail is a good White Russian. In fact, I remember the first […]

Blood Orange Margaritas

Yesterday was #CocktailDay. A few bloggers hosted a round up of lots of yummy cocktails. Kim from Cravings of a Lunatic invited me to join in on the fun, but I didn’t because it fell on a Sunday Supper post day for me, and I don’t really like to post more than one recipe per day. So I’m sharing […]

Sweet Tea Cocktail

You know that yummy Baked Brie with Honey that I shared with you guys yesterday? Well, I left out the best part: its complementing cocktail! I purposely didn’t mention it, because I wanted to tell you about it today. The best part about having an At-Home Happy Hour is that you have full control over what you’re drinking. No tricky or secret […]

Celebrate the #Holidays with #MaestroDobelTequila

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dobel Tequila via Blogdash. There are a lot of things you can associate with the holidays. Seeing your family way more than usual. Decorations all over your home, inside and out, and themed kitchenware. Christmas music on the radio before we’ve even had a […]