Baked Brie with Honey

I wasn’t going to share this “recipe” with you because well, it isn’t even really a recipe. Just a really good snack. Baked brie with honey. I’m sure you’ve had it a million times; it’s pretty much a staple at any cocktail party. It’s also a near-perfect appetizer to make when you’re planning your own […]

Boca Restaurant Review: 101 Cantina

NOTE: This restaurant has since closed. I never turn down a good margarita. That’s one thing you can always count on. I recently went to a new Mexican restaurant in Boca, 101 Cantina. It has a bit of a reputation for being a total college bar — it’s one of the only bars in all […]

My Favorite Local Happy Hours

It’s so weird not working a 9-5 (well, 9:30-6) job anymore. There are days when I’m out of work as early as 3pm and I have no idea what to do with myself! Daylight! An entire evening ahead of me to do whatever I please. One of my favorite ways to spend this newfound time […]

Miami Eats: Lou’s Beer Garden and Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink

It’s not even May yet and we’re already getting that hot, humid Florida summer weather. I mean, I love the warm temperatures, but I didn’t even have time to prepare! It went from one extreme to the next. Last weekend was insanely hot — so hot that McKenzie and I didn’t even last a half […]

Escape from Hurricane Isaac: NJ Visit Part 1

Florida got a visit from Hurricane Isaac last weekend and I was lucky enough to escape before he arrived. It just so happened that the weekend I booked my flight home for my cousin’s wedding was the very same weekend that Isaac decided it was a good time to grace South Florida with his presence. […]