Celebrate Publix Italian Days with General Mills and Platefull Co-Op

When I crave Italian food, I only want the good stuff. I love classic Italian dishes like risotto, gnocchi, and mussels marinara. I try not to eat pasta too often, but when it’s an Italian night, it’s hard to say no. I’m pretty partial to homemade pizza too. Who wouldn’t be?! Warm Italian bread fresh […]

Boca Restaurant Review: Piattini

NOTE: This restaurant has since closed. I have a soft spot for cute little Italian restaurants, especially when the owner or chef makes himself known among the crowd, stopping by each and every table to make sure you’re enjoying your meal. These “mom and pop” kind of places always have genuine service, and the food […]

Boca Restaurant Review: Nino’s of Boca II

I have been seriously craving mussels lately. I don’t know why; it’s definitely not something I have ever craved like this before. I almost considered buying some from Publix and attempting to cook them myself. Almost. Not sure I’m ready for that yet…My sister Rebecca was visiting last week (her BFF Carly came, too). Naturally the day […]

Delray Beach Restaurant: Il Girasole

I finally took my mental Bucket List of restaurants and put it down on paper. This is an ever-growing list; it expands by a few places every week. One day I fully intend to have the entire list checked off, but I find that it might be impossible if I keep adding to it… Eh, […]

Boca Restaurant: Mario’s Osteria

Living in South Florida, you can go out to eat every single day for a year and still not hit all of the restaurants here. It’s crazy how many places there are – and I’m not even just talking about Boca. Delray, West Palm, Fort Lauderdale, Boynton Beach, Miami, etc. The list of cities with […]

South Beach Miami Culinary Tour

I don’t think you realize how many opportunities there are for foodies in South Florida. I find something new every day — new events, tastings, restaurants, etc. Never a dull moment, that’s for sure. I’ve definitely had my share of experiences here in Boca and Delray, but it’s very rare that I’m able to venture […]

My Sister’s Trip to Boca: Caffe Luna Rosa

After several attempts to get my little sister Rebecca down here for a visit, she finally made it. Being a senior in high school, her schedule is pretty hectic. The Florida fam and I were hoping she’d make an appearance around Thanksgiving, but nope — she cheers, which means she obviously had to be home […]

Boca Restaurant Review: Saquella Cafe

I’ve passed by lots of cafes & bakeries that serve dinners and have always wondered if the food is any good. I mean, these places are mostly known for pumping out  delicious desserts and coffee drinks, so the food should be pretty good too, right? I recently learned that YES, this is totally 100% accurate. […]

Restaurant Review: Rosso Italia

NOTE: This restaurant has since closed. New restaurants always call my name. I should say they usually call Bubby’s name first and then, as long as she has had a good experience, they call mine. It’s a good sign when a restaurant gets the “Bubby seal of approval.”  Two new restaurants opened recently on Military […]