Homemade Peach Guacamole

When avocados are on sale at Publix, that can only mean one thing has to happen — homemadeguacamole. When peaches are in season and taste so incredibly juicy and sweet, that can also only mean one thing — homemade guacamole with peaches. I love the idea of pairing creamy avocados with the sweet flavors of […]

Great Tex-Mex at JoJo’s Tacos

One of my absolute favorite kinds of food is Mexican. Mostly because I really love guacamole, salsa and crispy baked tortilla chips…and margaritas. Mexican cheeses are also divine — Cojita and Manchego…yum! I almost always order the same type of meal though, whatever kind of veggie enchilada is on the menu or sometimes a good […]

SoFla Restaurant Reviews: The Mexican & Riverside Market Cafe

NOTE: The Mexican has since closed. There are so many great little places all over South Florida, it’s impossible to go to every single one. But McKenzie and I do get around, that’s for sure. Whether he’s introducing me to one of his favorite local hidden gems, or I pick a place that’s been recommended to […]

My First (Last Minute Trip) to Vegas, cont.

You can thank me now for not including my entire trip in yesterday’s post. That would be have been way too long. But I know you all want to hear about the rest of my stay in Vegas so here you go! On Night #3, we remained at Mandalay Bay after the show for drinks […]

Pretty Little Liars and Mexican Night!

I don’t know about you, but I am extremely upset that the Pretty Little Liars summer season is over and I have to wait until January for the winter season to start.  I just about near had a heart attack after the finale. The betrAyal was NOT by the person I’d imagined it to be! […]