Fresh Mint Mojitos

There is nothing more refreshing than a Mint Mojito. It’s such a simple drink to make and so tasty. It’s always one of my top cocktail choices when I’m out, but I’ve never made it myself..  Remember when I went to the Flavors event? They were giving pots of fresh herbs to everyone as they […]

Miami Eats: Lou’s Beer Garden and Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink

It’s not even May yet and we’re already getting that hot, humid Florida summer weather. I mean, I love the warm temperatures, but I didn’t even have time to prepare! It went from one extreme to the next. Last weekend was insanely hot — so hot that McKenzie and I didn’t even last a half […]

VIP at The Boca Beach Club

Wednesday will be my one-year anniversary since I moved to Florida. I can’t believe I’ve been here a year — time really has flown. For four months, I was pretty much on vacation. It got to the point where my parents even gave me an ultimatum if I didn’t find a job soon. The new […]

Dinner at Wave 2700

NOTE: This restaurant has since closed. Dad’s visit was the perfect excuse to go out for a good dinner. After much deliberation on what kind of food we were all in the mood for, the cuisine chosen was seafood. The destination? Wave 2700. Bubby, Aunt Patty and I went here a while back when it first opened, and […]