Wish List for 2014

We are just about a week into 2014! How’s the new year treating you so far? Have you started working on those goals you made for the coming year? I need to hold myself accountable for mine. Writing them down for all of you to see seems like a pretty good way to do so. Now I’m […]

Happy New Year!

  New year, new look. It was time for the blog to get a little bit of a facelift, and what better time to do so than right now, as we are about to roll into 2013. New Year’s Eve is always quite the time for celebration. Whether you’re headed out to paint the town […]

New Year’s Resolutions, Foodie-Style

2011 was a good one for me in many ways. It sparked a fire that led me to make a big move in my life, which also led me to find a new interest that I’m really enjoying. I have always been a fan of dining out and trying new restaurants, but since I moved […]