Spiced Honey Cake for #TheLeftoversClub

The best part about food blogging is the community you become a part of once you step foot into this cookie-crazed, brownie-battered, homemade pasta-loving group. There are so many conferences you can go to where you’ll enjoy an insane amount of delicious and unique food while learning useful tips for getting your blog out in […]

Top Chef Fan Favorite Kevin Gillespie at Publix Aprons

So…working at Publix Aprons definitely has its perks – one of them being that we get to hang out with super-awesome celebrity chefs when they come to do demonstrations at the school. June ended with a huge bang when we had Top Chef Fan Favorite Kevin Gillespie come in. It was a full house and […]

Publix Aprons: What I Made

Life at Publix has been pretty busy lately. Our summer schedule is out and packed with tons of really awesome classes. There were a few recipes from previous classes that I wanted to try, and I was able to get to a few over the past couple of weeks. The Onion Focaccia was one that […]

Publix Aprons: What I Learned This Week

I’ve started to accumulate quite the collection of recipes over the past year, but I’m racking up tons more since starting at Publix Aprons. For every class we teach or demonstration we put on, there is a packet of recipes given to everyone who attends. There is always at least one recipe within the packets […]

Sweet Caramelized Onion Dip

Do you cry your eyes out every time you cut up onion? I used to. But not anymore. It’s actually pretty easy to properly dice an onion without shedding a tear. This little secret is not so secret at all. I was watching Anne Burrell’s show on Food Network and happened to notice how she […]

Publix Aprons / What I Learned This Week

I have learned so much since I started working at Publix Aprons. I want to be able to document everything for you guys so you can follow me on my awesome culinary adventure. Each and every day I leave with some kind of newfound knowledge that I can bring home with me. This is the […]

Big News!

I can officially announce my big news!! After immersing myself in the world of food blogging and learning to love being in the kitchen, I am finally making food my career!I will be working as a sous chef for Publix Aprons Cooking School. If you aren’t familiar with Publix Aprons, take the time to Google it. […]