Take A Bite Out of Boca Gets a Makeover!

Things look a bit different over here today, don’t they? I am SO pumped to finally be able to introduce you to the new and improved Take A Bite Out of Boca. Of course, there are still some kinks to work out and things to play around with, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. Ever […]

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and Nutella Granola Bars for #LeftoversClub

That’s one tasty mouthful of a title, isn’t it? Can you already feel the smooth, creamy dark chocolate peanut butter coating the roof of your mouth, and the rich, velvety Nutella entangled in every bite? I hope so. If not, you’re going to want to stop everything you’re doing right this second and go make these. […]

NYC Restaurant Review: Copper Chimney

Although South Florida is pretty good on its variety of restaurants, I have not found too many great Indian places. So while in New York, this was definitely on my list. Lucky for us, one of our company’s partners is from India and was in town exhibiting at Book Expo America. When I expressed my […]

Ten Recipes Perfect for Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! This weekend marks the official start of summer — even though here in Florida it always feels like summer. For all of you who don’t live in Florida, I bet you’re excited to pack up your sweaters and boots and break out the sundresses and flip flops! I’ve always spent Memorial Day on the beach, lathered […]

“Let’s Burn This Candle” and Beat Cancer – Recipe Roundup

Today is a very special day here on Take A Bite Out of Boca. Well, technically tomorrow is the big day. But I’m telling you about it today.About a year ago, my cousin Leah was diagnosed with brain cancer. Leah is a Boca local, born and raised, but has lived all over the country. She is […]

Mediterranean Pita Pockets #WeekdaySupper

I never eat sandwiches. I don’t remember the last time I took two pieces of bread, stuffed something between them and took a bite. Like, honest to God. Can…not…remember.  But I love bread. Put a bread basket in the center of the dinner table and I’ll go to town. Warm Italian bread right out of the oven, crusty […]

#BiteIntoSummer with Betty Crocker Watermelon Cupcakes

Many food brands are heavily influenced by the changing of the seasons and the temperatures outside. Betty Crocker has certainly let summer take full rein — where else would the idea for Watermelon Cake and Frosting come from?! This all-new cupcake mix is exclusively available at Target. Target is my favorite place to go to for baking […]

BocaLocals Hosts the First March Meatball Madness

A panel of foodies, including bloggers, critics, and media, visited a whole slew of restaurants throughout the month of March in search of the best meatball. The meatballs were judged on taste, texture, presentation, and originality — and there sure were a few very original takes on this traditional spaghetti-companion.  BocaLocals hosted the event, and restaurants in and around Boca Raton were […]

Food Blogging is passing onto the Next Generation…

You know the adorable little roomie of mine who has helped me make this Homemade Ravioli with Spinach, Ricotta and Feta Filling and this Cookies and Cream Chocolate Layer Cake? Welp, she’s becoming a Food Blogger! My baking adventures with Emma go back way before I ever moved in. When I first met Amy (her mother; my roommate), […]

PeachDish: Fresh Ingredients Delivered!

Kale salad with Pecans and Kumquats. Pecan Crusted Mahi Mahi. Potato and Turnip Mash with Horseradish.Looks delicious, doesn’t it? I got that in the mail. Well, not exactly. I got the ingredients to make all of that in the mail. PeachDish  is an Atlanta-based startup company focused on helping people connect with their kitchens. It isn’t hard to make […]