Countdown to the 2016 Food Wine Conference #FWCon

Food and Wine Conference, 2015

Never miss a bite! Sign up here to receive new recipes and reviews straight to your inbox. We’re just one month away from my favorite food blogger conference of the year — the Food Wine Conference! If you aren’t familiar with blogger conferences in general, it’s basically one of the best ways to network with other like-minded bloggers, learn more […]

Friday Features: Wine from the Pacific Northwest

Never miss a bite! Sign up here to receive new recipes and reviews straight to your inbox.   I was recently invited to a wine tasting at Whole Foods in Boca and it was nothing at all like I imagined. We were set up in a classroom-like setting, with wine glasses and little water cups in front us, a […]

Grilled Mango-Sriracha Shrimp, Pineapple and Peppers #winePW

Never miss a bite! Sign up here to receive new recipes and reviews straight to your inbox.     Welcome to Wine Pairing Weekend! I’m sharing sweet and spicy Grilled Mango-Sriracha Shrimp, Pineapple and Peppers with a glass of my favorite white wine, Burg Layer Schlosskapelle Spatlese Kerner. David from Cooking Chat invited me to participate in this week’s Wine Pairing Weekend […]

Creamy Gruyere Pasta with Shrimp, Tomatoes, and Mushrooms #CKMondaviHeros

Whole grain pasta mixed with a creamy, light gruyere cheese sauce, fresh jumbo shrimp, sweet cherry tomatoes, and sliced Baby Bella mushrooms make for a perfect summer meal, especially when paired with CK Mondavi white wine such as Chardonnay or one of their newest blends, Blonde Five. I don’t normally go for creamy pasta dishes. They’re often […]

Whole Foods Italian Wine Tasting #WFMwine

Have you ever walked into a grocery store to pick up a few things and suddenly find yourself in the midst of a wine tasting? Yep, that happens often, especially in Whole Foods. I remember one time I stopped in after the gym to get some fruit and all of a sudden I turn around […]

Boca Bacchanal Grand Tasting 2014

Another year of Boca Bacchanal has come and gone. For anyone who may be unfamiliar with this annual weekend-long culinary festival, Boca Bacchanal is full of food and wine events all supporting the Boca Raton Historical Society and Museum. The weekend starts with Vintner Dinners where guests dine in the private homes of Boca locals and […]

Savor the Summer at Sundy House with Stephanie Miskew and Chef LindsayAutry

I just had one of the coolest dining experiences during my time as a blogger. My roommates and I had a night to remember at The Sundy House, Delray Beach’s beautiful boutique hotel and restaurant popular for brunches, weddings and other affairs. The location is breathtaking. You don’t even feel like you’re in Delray. Instead, […]

Fort Lauderdale Restaurant: The Foxy Brown

You know those times when you’re so hungry that you don’t care what or where you eat, just as long as food is in your mouth within 30 seconds? Yeah, I had a night like that recently. My plans to go to American Social on Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale with McKenzie were completely ruined […]

My Favorite Local Happy Hours

It’s so weird not working a 9-5 (well, 9:30-6) job anymore. There are days when I’m out of work as early as 3pm and I have no idea what to do with myself! Daylight! An entire evening ahead of me to do whatever I please. One of my favorite ways to spend this newfound time […]

A Gin & Sparkling Red Wine Cocktail

I’m ending Brunch Week with a bang. A bitterly sweet (yes, I know that is an oxymoron) bang in the form of a sparkling cocktail. Last Sunday, Cinco de Mayo to be exact, I ran a 5K in Ft. Lauderdale called The Color Run. Me, McKenzie, Amy and her boyfriend Jose ran together under the […]