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Born in December 2011, Take A Bite Out of Boca & Beyond is a space for locals and travelers alike to indulge in the best of food & drink, wellness, fashion, beauty, travel and more. Take A Bite Out of Boca’s home is in South Florida, and in its ten years, it has highlighted all of the top-tier places and things to do in the area. It’s the spot where national brands and products are brought to life by Shaina’s seamless integration into her local content. Readers can expect authentic takes on highly vetted places and products, and brands can expect an influential platform that keeps its readers’ interests top-of-mind. If you enjoy a side of positive vibes along with your reviews, Take A Bite Out of Boca & Beyond has much for you to sink your teeth into.

Take A Bite Out Of South Florida Podcast with Shaina Wizov

New Podcast

Take a Bite Out of South Florida

Introducing the NEW “Take A Bite Out of South Florida” podcast! Shaina Wizov will be your host as you explore the vibrant food scene in South Florida. Each episode will welcome guests from across the hospitality industry, like chefs, restaurant owners, mixologists, event producers, food journalists, influencers, and bloggers to engage in casual and lighthearted conversations that will make your taste buds dance.