A Hidden Gem: The Cuban Cafe

I had another great dinner with my Bubby this past weekend at a local spot that she loves. The Cuban Cafe is tucked away in a real quiet strip mall; you would never know it was there if you didn’t already know about it. When you walk inside, you’re instantly hit with Cuban style and authenticity. The decor of the restaurant makes you feel like you’re right in Havana, dining alfresco in the warmth of the night. I really liked the place, and the food was great, so I would definitely go back. 
We ordered a carafe of their homemade white wine sangria, filled with apples and oranges. This was a very enjoyable glass of sangria, very light and the taste of the fruit really shone through. Dinner was great, accompanied by white rice and black beans, and sweet plantains — one of the most delicious aspects of Cuban cuisine! Bubby and I both had the same dish: the Frutos Del Mar, a mix of scallops, snapper, shrimp and calamari in a Cuban seafood white sauce. Bub ordered hers sans calamari — she is not fan. I, on the other hand, absolutely love calamari so I told them to be generous, and they definitely were. The scallops, shrimp and snapper were all cooked very nicely, but the calamari was my favorite of all the seafood included in the dish. I scooped some of the black beans onto my white rice and poured some of the sauce over top, as well. The combination of the beans, rice and sauce was really good as the sauce helped to moisten the rice a bit. 
This was the second time I’ve experienced Cuban food, but much better than the first time I tried it (at a restaurant in Delray). Hidden local favorites are always the better choice when it comes to finding authentic, good food. The Cuban place I went to in Delray was more of a hot-spot, trendy sort of place. Sure, the food was good, but it wasn’t anything to rave over. I love that Bubby knows all the best restaurants to go to — she’s been a Florida resident for a long time and goes out to eat often, so she is really my go-to person when looking for new restaurants to try. I guess I know where I got at least some of my love for fine dining out. 🙂



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