Holiday Sweets: Argencove Fine Artisan Chocolate

Holiday Sweets: Argencove Fine Artisan Chocolate

Satisfy your sweet tooth this holiday season with Argencove’s award-winning handcrafted artisan chocolate from Nicaragua. Visit and use the code TAKEABITE to get one free 25g chocolate bar and complimentary shipping with your purchase of $60 or more.

Argencove Chocolate Variety
Photo courtesy of Argencove

I had the biggest sweet tooth as a kid. I loved my nightly bowl of ice cream, and I have the most vivid memories of the most delicious triple chocolate muffins my Mom would always get from our local supermarket.

You know what they say though, you really can grow out of habits… As I’ve gotten older, I definitely prefer salty over sweet — but I do love a piece of high quality, real dark chocolate. That’s pretty much all I need to satisfy my sweet tooth, and I don’t even like the dark chocolate too sweet. 70% or higher, please!

Argencove produces a wide variety of bars, ranging from 70-80%, with a few other flavors in the mix. While a couple of these have dairy in them, there are four flavors that remain dairy free and totally Shaina friendly!

The Story Behind Argencove

It all started when three Australian families took a journey through Central America in search of the best tree-to-bar process that complemented the way they wanted to grow cacao and make their chocolate. They educated themselves as much as possible about cacao orchards and fermentation systems in various farms and countries, met with leaders in the industry, and really immersed themselves into the world of chocolate-making.

After visiting 20 countries, the families decided on Nicaragua because of the country’s fertile soils, favorable climate, and how welcoming the local people were — and Argencove was born. The founders believe “treating the orchard ecosystem carefully and trying to improve the broader environment with each day, leads to tasty and more diverse cacao and chocolate.”

Award-Winning Artisan Chocolate

These chocolates have won more than 76 international awards in just five years! Just about every single bar they make has quite a few accolades under its belt, including those from Academy of Chocolate London, Chocolate Alliance Awards, International Chocolate Awards, Northwest Chocolate Festival Awards and Academy of Chocolate Awards. You can see a full list of all of the awards won here.

There is a reason that Argencove has won so many awards, and that is because of the work and environmental ethics of its founders. The chocolate is handmade in small batches, straight from the source. Argencove uses only the finest quality ingredients, with absolutely no mass production or processes. It’s optimally grown, harvested and produced in Nicaragua, and referred to as “Tree to Bean to Bar” which is equivalent to a term we all know: farm-to-table.

If you want to read more about the tree-to-bean and bean-to-bar processes, all of the details are available right on their website.

how to make chocolate
Photo courtesy of Argencove

Shop for Argencove Artisan Chocolates

Ready to tempt your tastebuds? Here’s a peek at what Argencove offers:

  • Four 70% cacao bars, named after various natural landmarks in Nicaragua: ‘Apoyo’ Lagoon Natural Reserve, ‘Cocibolca’ Lake, ‘Masaya’ National Park, and ‘Mombacho’ Volcano
  • a 77% and an 80% cacao bar
  • 70% cacao flavors: banana, cinnamon and clove; passion fruit, saffron, and caramelized cacao nibs (this one is my favorite!)

The two flavors that are not dairy free are both 35% cacao white chocolate bars. One has caramelized white chocolate and almonds, and the other — very appropriate for the holiday season — is pecan pie with caramelized white chocolate, roasted pecans and panela, which is an unrefined whole cane sugar, typically found in Latin America.

Argencove chocolates
Photo courtesy of Argencove

Argencove bars are available individually, or you can purchase 4- or 8-bar sampler sets. Whether you want to purchase sets as gifts for friends and family, or a variety of single bars for stocking stuffers or just to have around the house, now is the time to shop!

Use my code TAKEABITE at checkout, and you’ll get one free bar of your choosing PLUS free shipping with all purchases over $60. Just click here to shop.

In the spirit of the season, when peace and love is all around us, remember… “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” ―Charles M. Schulz

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Product information have been provided by the sponsor. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.



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