AstralAbove: A Look Into Kabbalistic Astrology

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Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary astrological reading from AstralAbove. No monetary compensation has been received for this post. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Click here to book your own consultation with AstralAbove.

Astrology can have powerful influence. I’ve been a believer for as long as I can remember, fully embracing my Pisces characteristics and features, so much so that I have the Pisces symbol tattooed on the back of my neck. I’ve always found it extremely interesting to delve into the inner-workings of astrology and how the specific alignment of the sun, moon and stars at the exact time of your birth affect your personality traits, and essentially shape who you will become as a person, influence how you embrace life, and ultimately show you your purpose in life.

When I moved to South Florida almost seven years ago, one of the first friends I made was someone who not only shared my love of astrology, but embraced it wholeheartedly and taught me so much about this “taboo” subject that is often shunned or judged. Joshua Robbins, founder of AstralAbove, has been studying and practicing astrology since 2006, and is currently a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, the oldest astrological organization in the United States. He uses the ancient spiritual wisdom of Kabbalah to aid in his astrology teachings, as he notes that both of these practices are detailed metaphysical sciences that deal with two sides of the same coin.” According to Joshua, astrology helps people see how the cosmic energies manifest, and Kabbalah provides us with information and tools that can be used to take control over those astral influences.

Joshua is a successful astrologer, helping people to find the faith to take chances in work and relationships, heal after a traumatic experience, sharpen talents, and improve stress, as evidenced by the testimonials left by his clients over the past ten years. I am one of them, and I can agree that his reading helped to bring clarity to key aspects of my current life. Thanks to Joshua, I know that I was never wrong to bask in my Pisces-ness, because I truly am a Pisces through-and-through. He helped me to see road blocks I may not have noticed were there, challenged my goals and the steps I’m taking to get there, and reassured me about a new relationship and future endeavors. In our 60-minute session — which was done via FaceTime — Joshua made sure to cover all of the areas in life I wanted to learn about, going deeper where he felt necessary, and always checking to make sure I was comfortable with his talking points before continuing. Discussing someone’s past, present and future is an intimate thing, and Joshua takes great care in making sure his clients are at ease during the experience.

AstralAbove consultations are designed to address any facet of life. You can go as deep as life direction, purpose and past lives, to surface aspects like relationships, money, career and family. The main goal at AstralAbove is to help clients pinpoint their talents and improve upon them, as well as identify their weaknesses and overcome them. For someone who has never had a reading done, the best place to start is with a Natal Chart Reading, but there are more specific readings available as well, such as one focused on Love and Relationships or Money and Career. Couple’s Bonding sessions are also offered, which help couples discover what aspects of their relationship make them stronger and what needs more attention. Even if there is just one pressing question you just need a clear answer to — something important that has to do with a career change, moving or buying a home, etc. — AstralAbove offers a special package for those moments as well.

Intrigued? Take a look at the various options offered at AstralAbove and let’s get booking! Click here to get an extra 15 minutes added to your consultation. That extra time could be just what you need to get a more in-depth answer to one of your burning questions.

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Remember, all information and insight discussed in any AstralAbove consultation are to be taken as a guide only, and should not replace advice from trained medical, financial or other industry experts.



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