Banana Bread

One of the most popular quick breads for baking fanatics has got to be banana bread. There are so many variations you can make. Banana nut, Peanut butter banana, chocolate banana, strawberry banana, blueberry banana, banana chocolate chip, the list goes on and on… And it’s perfect for breakfast…or lunch…or dinner…or a snack…or a dessert…or just any time you want a delicious little treat. There aren’t too many foods you can say that about without anyone cringing! (For example, you could eat a greasy hamburger and french fries for breakfast if you wanted, but you may get weird looks…)

Noticing the extremely brown, speckled bananas sitting on my counter I knew it was time to make some banana bread. I made an apple cinnamon cake from a recipe found on Brown Eyed Baker a few weeks back that was out of this world. So, naturally, I went right back to her blog when looking for a banana bread recipe to try, and found this one. I followed it pretty closely except for the walnuts. I didn’t have any, nor did I feel like making a trip to Publix. The recipe doesn’t call for cinnamon, but if you know me, you know how much I love the spice, so of course I added plenty of it to the mixture.

All I have to say is, THANK YOU BROWN EYED BAKER! This banana bread was perfect; soft and moist with major deliciousness in every bite. Even my Bubby, who doesn’t like bananas, enjoyed a slice. I brought it to work and once again, it was very well received. It seems I’ve become the resident baker of the business and have even been given some requests for specific things to make. I’m thinking of doing a themed post based on my co-workers and their favorite foods. I’m going to ask them each to list something they absolutely love and I’ll come up with a recipe starring that as the main ingredient. Some of the things that have been suggested so far are cheesecake stuffed strawberries, Nutella cookies, and garlic & onion bread. So look for that in the near future; it should be a fun post with lots of diverse recipes and ideas.



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