Boca Restaurant Review: Ninja Spinning Sushi Bar

When a sushi craving hits, you’ve gotta run to the nearest sushi joint and pick up a few rolls as quickly as possible or you know that craving is not going anywhere. Anyone who likes sushi knows this. It’s one of those foods that you don’t eat everyday, so when you want it, you’ve got to have it! Ninja Spinning Sushi Bar is a relatively new sushi restaurant in Boca that has gotten decent reviews, so of course I had to check it out. The lure of this place isn’t really the sushi itself (although it is pretty good) but more how the sushi is served. You have to sit inside at the bar, otherwise it’s just like going to any other sushi restaurant and kind of loses its appeal.

All of the plates are served on little wooden floating boats around a “spinning bar,” kind of like a conveyor belt. The plates are color coded, with the prices for each up on the wall, so you can keep track of what you’re spending. The plates range from $3 to $7. Basically, you see something you like come around the bend, grab it, and it’s yours! If you aren’t sure what it is, the sushi chefs behind the bar will gladly give you the details, and they’ll also take special requests if you don’t see your favorite. I wanted eel (my favorite!) so he whipped up something for me and set it out to float right to me.

Boca Restaurant Review: Ninja Spinning Sushi Bar

Another attractive feature of Ninja Spinning Sushi bar is the portion sizes. When most people order sushi, they usually share and want try a variety, so these plates of 4 rolls are perfect. I did see a small plate of seaweed salad that I ate entirely by myself, but then I shared 4 or 5 plates of rolls, which comes out to just about the amount you’d eat when ordering full rolls on your own. Thisway, I was able to have all different rolls. There was eel, there was shrimp, there was spicy tuna, there was avocado, mango, cream cheese…and we even got a little fancy and had a roll with lobster too!

Boca Restaurant Review: Ninja Spinning Sushi Bar

I like the concept of Ninja Spinning Sushi Bar…at least when the food is freshly made, put onto the floating boats, and immediately snatched up. When you see the same thing go around time and time again, you kind of wonder if it’s still good…not really an enticing way to make me want that particular plate. But overall, my visit was enjoyable. The element of surprise when you don’t know what you’re getting is mysterious and fun, and if you like sushi, you’ll enjoy trying to figure out what the hell you just put in your mouth.

Boca Restaurant Review: Ninja Spinning Sushi Bar

PS- Sorry these photos are so horrible. It was very dark inside…



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