Chocolate + Wine = ChocoVine

Ok, chocolate lovers, are you ready? You may want to sit down for this one… Think of the last piece of smooth, rich, creamy chocolate you put in your mouth. Now picture yourself downing a glass of sweet red wine along with it. Put the two together and you’ve got ChocoVine, a mix of Dutch chocolate and red wine. You know what they say about a daily glass of red wine and piece of dark chocolate having so many health benefits… Now you can pour yourself some ChocoVine and kill two birds with one stone! It’s every chocolate and wine lover’s dream drink. Flavors include Original, Espresso, Whipped Cream and Raspberry. Seriously, whoever came up with this ingenious idea needs to be recognized and rewarded right away. Thank you, Holland and your delicious Dutch cream! 

I first read about this decadent treat on Twitter. I follow @MyWineDeals and they tweeted an article about the product and the raving reviews it got from taste-testers. The next day as I’m wandering around Target I see the bottle of Original ChocoVine hidden behind the Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. It was fate. Someone who wasn’t brave enough to try the combination of sweet goodness put the bottle back just so I could find it.  ChocoVine is dessert in a bottle; it’s rich and smooth, but not too heavy that it can’t be paired with an additional small treat. It resembles Bailey’s Irish Cream, but it’s not nearly as thick. It tastes like the quintessential chocolate martini, with a little bit of a twist. At 14% alcohol, it’s a little stronger than most wines so it definitely has that kick to it. It certainly satisfies a sweet tooth, that’s for sure. Grab a bottle and test it out for yourself. My only criticism? The bottle isn’t big enough!



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