The Leibster Award

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Have you ever heard of the Liebster award? This is something totally new to me so I had to look it up. It’s basically an award given to bloggers from bloggers. It’s a fun way for us to learn more about one another and spread the word about each other’s blogs. I’ve been nominated for The Liebster Award by Francesca from Love.Bake.Read — how cool! The rules of the game are to reveal 11 things about yourself and answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you, then you nominate 11 other bloggers and post your own set of 11 questions for them! 

So here goes — 11 things about me:

1. I have a background in journalism — broadcast journalism to be exact. In high school, I was a regular anchor on our morning news TV show, and all through out college I worked for the Rutgers TV Network as a segment producer and on-air talent. I interned in NYC at Entertainment Tonight and The Insider and totally wanted to be the next Giuiliana Rancic.

2. I used to eat meat. Like, a lot. Like, filet mignon was one of my all time favorite dishes and I used to frequent Burger King (in middle school, because we could walk there from my neighborhood…gross, I know. I’m ashamed to admit this…) and loved burgers. I honestly have no idea what triggered the change, but it happened when I was 18 and left for college. Meat was out of sight, out of mind, and that’s that!

3. I have three siblings, three nieces, and three nephews. 

4. Them majority of my life has been spent on stage. I sing and started performing in talent shows (competition and non-competition) at the ripe age of 4. When I was 9, my best friend Jordan and I won one of the shows and we were given the chance to co-host the show the following year. During elementary and middle school, I performed in summer productions of Cats (as Grizabella), Annie (as Molly), and You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown (as Lucy). I had the lead role in my high school production of Aida — yes, I was Aida and had 13 solos! 

5. I am deathly afraid of spiders and basically all things creepy crawly.

6. I’m Jewish, completed Sunday School and Hebrew High, had a Bat Mitzvah, and continue to observe Jewish holidays among family and friends. I’m not a religious person by any means, but I want to marry Jewish, raise my children Jewish, and continue Jewish traditions for the remainder of my life. 

7. I have a weird obsession with dried pineapple, papaya, and mango. I buy it from the bulk bins in Whole Foods frequently. I really want a dehydrator so I can make my own.

8. I used to be one of the pickiest eaters on the planet. I didn’t even let my fork touch two different kinds of food — I needed separate silverware for everything.  

9. I did, however, eat spinach like a champ. Only because my dad convinced me that it really does instantly make you stronger. This was proven to me by nightly arm wrestling matches after I ate all of the spinach on my plate. And of course I won. Every. Single. Time.

10. I decided to move to Florida while laying on the beach with my parents three summers ago. My dad and I picked a date to make the drive and that was that. It was settled. No job, no real plan except that I knew I’d be living with my Bubby. That was probably the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done, and I don’t regret it one bit.

11. I came up with the name Take A Bite Out of Boca in my sleep, wrote it down in the notes section of my phone, and then bought my domain the next morning. My dad pushed me to start the blog as food-focused during one of his and my mom’s visits to Florida. I was still unemployed, and here we were trying to come up with blog names instead of looking for jobs lol. Somehow in the back of our minds, we knew this was going to turn into something… 


My responses to Francesca’s questions:

  1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why? Can I be a little broad and just say Europe? I like how it seems very easy to travel from country to country and people are so much more cultured over there. I would want my home to be somewhere on the coast of the Mediterranean where there is an abundance of good food and wine. But I’d want to travel somewhere new as often as possible…
  2. What’s your favorite dessert? I used to have the biggest sweet tooth for chocolate, but I’ve grown to love things like crisps and crumbles with lots of delicious fresh fruit. 
  3. When did you start your blog? December 2011
  4. Did you (or would you) have a small/big wedding or elope? I want to have a medium-sized wedding. I can’t wait to plan the party, especially the menu!
  5. What’s your biggest fear? Unknown. This encompasses a lot, I know, but I find that things I’m not familiar with are what scare most. When I don’t know what the outcome will be…but then again, sometimes these situations can also be exhilarating. I’m also really afraid of spiders and creepy crawly things. Like the huge Palmetto Bugs we get here in Florida. Oh my god they are disgusting.
  6. Coffee, espresso drink, or tea? Espresso. Coffee doesn’t have the same affect on me anymore, haha
  7. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? Hand me downs from my Bubby are always fun and meaningful. She has super awesome jewelry and bags that she gives to me after she’s “had enough.” Some of it is vintage and one-of-a-kind. I like to “go shopping” in Bub’s closet every so often. I did get one gift from someone that I prefer not to really go into detail but let’s just say it took a few thousand bucks worth of a load off my shoulders, not to mention a ton of the stress and anxiety.
  8. Do you live in the city, suburbs, or country? Suburbs? Truthfully, I’m not sure what Boca would be considered…
  9. If you could eat only 1 food for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Oh my god, how does anyone who considers themselves a foodie answer this question?! Does wine count?
  10. What kind of camera do you use for your blog pictures? My iPhonee 5S. I know, I know, I need a real one. I’m planning on purchasing a Canon Rebel 3TI. I’m really hope to just win one, there are so many contests on blogs to win one. I enter all of them, but never win =(
  11. What’s your favorite season? Florida is tough, we don’t really have seasons. I used to love the beginning of fall when I lived in Jersey. When it was cool enough to wear a sweater and Uggs, but you didn’t need a jacket yet. We’ll get weather like that for maybe a day or two, and it makes me so happy.


My nominations:

1. Rachel – A Southern Fairytale

2. Terri – Love and Confections

3. Isabel – Family Foodie

4. Nancy – Gotta Get Baked

5. Katie – Ruffles and Truffles

6. Brianne – Cupcakes and Kale Chips

7. Lauren – Lauren Kelly Nutrition

8. Amee – Amee’s Savory Dish

9. Susan – The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen

10. Christina – Go Epicurista

11. Dianna – The Kitchen Prep


My 11 questions:

1. What made you want to start a blog?

2. What was the very first recipe you ever posted?

3. What are the three things you never leave home without?

4. What is your go-to recipe to bring to parties?

5. Do you have a full/part time job besides blogging? If so, what is it?

6. Are you family and (non-blogger) friends supportive of your blog?

7. Sweet or savory?

8. In Kindergarten, what did you want to be when you grew up?

9. What item in your kitchen do you use most?

10. What is your favorite type of cuisine and restaurant (of that same cuisine)?

11. Describe your “last meal.”



Hello! I’m Shaina – a Delray Beach, Florida resident, foodie, and lifestyle blogger. I love exploring South Florida and beyond, and sharing everything from my favorite restaurants, products and more with you! See more by following along on Instagram:  @takeabiteoutofboca

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