Making Memories with Bigelow Iced Tea #MeAndMyTea #CollectiveBias

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Disclosure: This post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MeAndMyTea #CollectiveBias

Gather ’round the table and make memories with friends and family while you sip on a cup of Bigelow Iced Tea.

Making Memories with Bigelow Iced Tea #Meandmytea #collectivebias

If you’ve been following Take A Bite Out of Boca for any length of time, you should have an idea who Bubby is and how much an influence she has been on my love affair with all things food. If you’re new around here, Bubby is my grandmother — my 90-year-old-but-looks-and-acts-65 grandmother who goes out to happy hour and dinner with her friends 3 or 4 nights a week, plays cards, golfs, finds the sickest deals at Macy’s, and makes a mean matzo ball soup. She’s an incredible lady and I’m so lucky to not only be able to call her my Bubby, but also my friend, dining companion, and even roommate. I moved to Florida on a total whim — no job, no apartment, nothing besides the support and love of my family and a huge desire to get out of New Jersey. I lived with Bubby for 10 months before venturing out on my own, and in those 10 months we shared a lot of great memories — many of which took place in the kitchen.

Making Memories with Bigelow Iced Tea #Meandmytea #collectivebias

Everyone praises their grandmother’s cooking, but let’s be real — there is nothing like my Bubby’s! I cherish the moments spent with her in that kitchen, whether cooking together or watching her work her magic. I have to capture every little detail because she doesn’t always know exactly how she makes most of her dishes. They just come to her. It’s just a Bubby thing. Ask her how she makes her matzo balls. Her answer? She shrugs and says “I don’t know, I just do.”

Most nights after dinner, we’d sit at the dining room table and play Scrabble or Rummy. This is usually when we’ll have a little dessert too, and sometimes we’ll end our night with a steaming hot cup of Mint tea. Mint helps to soothe your stomach and aids in digestion, which is why it’s perfect for an after dinner drink.

Getting together with friends or family over tea, hot or iced, is a great way to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. It’s these little moments in life that we sometimes take for granted. But if we all just stopped and smelled the roses — or, drank some tea — we’d all be reminded that life’s everyday moments spent with our loved ones are the most important and we should celebrate them everyday. Speaking of celebrations, America’s largest family-owned tea company, Bigelow Tea, wants you to help them celebrate their 70th anniversary this year. Bigelow Tea is an American Company, made by an American family for the American consumer, and available at an American retailer — Walmart. It’s really easy to find too! As you can see,  there is quite a lot to choose from — there are over 130 varieties of flavored, green, organic, herbal, decaffeinated and iced teas. Iced tea is the best choice for those of us living in constant Florida heat. Sitting down to a glass of cold, refreshing iced tea is the ultimate thirst-quencher, and with tasty flavors like Bigelow Iced Tea Half & Half Iced Tea and Lemonade with Pomegranate, you won’t be disappointed.

Making Memories with Bigelow Iced Tea #Meandmytea #collectivebias

You can find Bigelow Iced Tea at your local Walmart in the tea aisle. It’s bright pink and unique packaging makes it stand out from other iced tea varieties — you won’t miss it!

Making Memories with Bigelow Iced Tea #Meandmytea #collectivebias Making Memories with Bigelow Iced Tea #Meandmytea #collectivebias

Bigelow Tea never compromises on quality and taste of their tea. There are traditional blends like chamomile and oolong, and unique fun flavors like hibiscus and lemongrass. A special foil pouch is used to protect the tea from air, moisture and surrounding aromas. Your Bigelow Tea will retain its flavor, freshness and aroma wherever you go.

Bigelow Tea really is all about cherishing life and appreciating everything around us, especially those who fight for our country. Bigelow Tea has sent almost 4 million bags of teas to our troops overseas. More information on the Tea for Troops program can be found here.

So now you know all about my memorable tea moments with Bubby — lets hear yours! Check out Bigelow Tea and tell me your favorite flavor and your own memorable tea moment.

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