My Dream Kitchen Appliances – PartSelect KitchenAid Contest Entry

Sometimes I like to fantasize about the home I’ll one day own. The lavish backyard complete with a pool and a bar/lounge set up perfect for outdoor entertaining, the spacious living room and dining room with gorgeous artwork hanging on the walls, fun and colorful decor to liven up the vibe, and the best part of all…the kitchen. Oh, the kitchen. This will be my happy place.

I have one no-use-trying-to-compromise requirement for my future dream home. The perfect kitchen. Now, I may not know exactly what the “perfect kitchen” looks like, but I imagine it’ll be like falling in love — you just know (or so they say…).

I do, however, know what kinds of appliances and kitchen gadgets that perfect kitchen will have. KitchenAid never fails to provide me with good quality products, as proven by the 7-quart stand mixer I won three years ago at Food Blog Forum. That baby has churned out homemade pasta, focaccia bread, countless cupcakes and cookies, and more batches of brownies than I care to divulge.
PartSelect invited me to participate in a contest to win one of three KitchenAid 5-quart stand mixers, hand-painted by Un Amore Custom Designs. These mixers are so pretty I don’t even mind that I’ve already got one mixer. It’ll have a sister! I’d be able to make DOUBLE batches of bread, pasta, and baked goodies… Oh man.
As part of the contest, I had to choose from a selection of blog post topics to write about.  One of which was to name your top three dream kitchen appliances — besides the stand mixer we obviously all know and love.
1) It’s no secret that I love wine. In my future dream home, I’m a wine connoisseur with all the best bottles tucked away for special dinner parties (and of course a few under $10 Costco bottles for those nights when all you want to do is curl up with a good book and a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc). So, a wine cellar is a must — specifically the KitchenAid Architect Series® II Under Counter Wine Cellar. It holds 46 bottles of wine and has dual temperature settings so I could store my reds and my whites.
2) I really like the style of refrigerators that have the pull-out freezer on the bottom, like this KitchenAid Architect Series® II French Door Refrigerator.
3) A good blender is essential in any home cook’s kitchen. I have a small immersion blender that’s good for the occasional one-cup smoothie or puree, but nothing beats the power of a full size blender. I happen to catch sight of the new KitchenAid 5-speed Diamond Blender in bright purple when I was at BlogHer Food last month and it’s a beauty! This definitely deserves a permanent spot on my countertop.
There are so many more kitchen-y things I could list. The perfect kitchen should have absolutely everything, am I right? One day…
Disclaimer: I was invited to participate in this contest by someone at PartSelect. This is not a sponsored post by KitchenAid or any other company, and no compensation was received. The contest is open to US residents 18+ and will close on July 1st. Find out more here.



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