Pineapple Boat Salsa

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It may not be the quickest and easiest thing to do, but it sure will impress your guests — and taste good too! Make Pineapple Boat Salsa for any of your summer gatherings and be the hit of the party.

Pineapple Boat Salsa

I realized I haven’t shared a recipe here since these insanely addicting and delicious Dark Chocolate Raspberry Greek Yogurt Brownies — back in early MARCH! It’s high time for something fresh, colorful, and ready for the summer months we’re about to jump into.

I can’t help but sometimes go a bit overboard whenever I’m invited to any kind of party and given the opportunity to bring something. A recent boat birthday celebration for a friend had me dreaming of different fun things to make that would travel well on water. Dips and salsas automatically come to mind for those occasions where grazing is popular and no one is actually sitting down to eat a meal. South Florida has definitely hit its summertime temps, requiring a bright, light, refreshing salsa as the perfect for our boat day extravaganza.

But not just any salsa. No — this is a Pineapple Boat Salsa. That means pineapple salsa, served inside of a hollowed-out pineapple. I’ve seen this all over Pinterest — sometimes with salsa, sometimes with fried rice or some other kind of Asian-inspired dish, and I’ve even done it with this Pina Colada Dip. The difference, however, was that pineapple was upright. That way was a little bit easier to do than this variation, but I think it looks much more impressive!

Pineapple Boat Salsa

The salsa is a simple mixture of tomatoes, red pepper, avocado, sweet corn, pine apple, and lime juice — but the presentation? Not so simple. Here’s how to create the pineapple boat vessel for your salsa. First, stand the pineapple upright and use a sharp knife to slice vertically — but DO NOT slice through the top leaves. You want them to be in tact; it looks better this way, and also will give your “boat” more depth since you won’t be cutting it right down the middle.  Now you just have to get in there with a knife, spoon, whatever gadget you think will work best to scoop out all the pineapple and its core. I used a knife around the edge, and then a spoon to scoop — however had to revert back to the knife when it came to the core. That was the hardest party. But once you get the hang of it, it’ll be smooth sailin’ all the way. You’ll want to make a pineapple boat for every single dip you make for the rest of your life! …Maybe.

There’s no real recipe for this. You can make your favorite salsa, however which way you want, to fill up your pineapple boat. Have fun with it!

Pineapple Boat Salsa



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