Sushi Review! Tamarind Asian Grill and Sushi Bar

There are so many sushi restaurants down here that it can be hard to decide on a place to go. How do you tell the difference between a place that is actually good or is just another general sushi restaurant? It’s good that I have friends and family with good taste to give me recommendations, otherwise I could end up spending time and money going to not-so-great restaurants. My manager Amy has been my go-to person for restaurant suggestions lately, and she gave me the name of this sushi place to try out: Tamarind in Deerfield Beach. She insisted it was really good, and I trust her opinion, so John and I checked it out. We sat in the lounge area by the sushi bar, which was really nicely decorated with fun, artsy looking furniture. The service was a little subpar… Our waitress came over to give us the menus and then disappeared. No joke, it had to have been at least 20 minutes before she came back to get our drink orders. We had to ask another waiter walking around to find her for us. Not to knock the place, but there was barely anyone else there so I have no idea what was taking her so long. Anyway, she finally came back and we ordered a pear-flavored sake to try, which I didn’t like too much, so I switched to a glass of wine instead. Well, that’s kind of a lie…I must have liked it a little because I did drink some of it. 

We got two rolls to share: the Eel Lover’s Roll (pictured on left: BBQ eel on top of a California Roll) and a chef speciality, the Fireworks Roll (pictured on right: salmon, tuna, crab, masago, cucumber, tempura flakes and kimchee sauce wrapped in rice paper). We got eel sauce on the side to dip — much, much better than plain ol’ soy sauce. Eel sauce has so much more flavor! I can’t even decide which roll I liked better because they were both so different. I love how there are so many varieties of sushi to choose from no matter where you go. It’s like the possibilities are endless when it comes to throwing together different combinations. Even though the service sucked, the food was good enough for me to want to go back. Next time though, I think I’ll make sure I have a different waitress…



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