A Sit-Down with Sutter & Nugent: Excellence in South Florida Real Estate

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South Florida is a beautiful place to live, that’s for sure. Imagine waking up every morning, and looking out your window only to see bright blue skies, the calming Intracoastal, swaying palm trees, and the perfect amount of sunshine to make everything that much more beautiful. Then you walk down the stairs into your spacious and modern living area, with floor-to-ceiling windows featuring that same gorgeous view, or maybe you head up onto the fourth floor rooftop terrace that overlooks the marina below with lines and lines of yachts and sailboats. When you link up with Sutter & Nugent Real Estate, this is the kind of home you’ll be shown.

Sutter & Nugent, Sea Gate Delray Beach

Sutter & Nugent was started about six years ago by a small group of real estate agents who wanted to break off on their own and create their own agency. They set the standards high, striving to become experts in one main area — essentially sticking to a territory — and becoming the best. In doing this, they were able to lock in some high-end listings, and it only increased from there. Since its inception, Sutter & Nugent has grown from that first group of 4-5 agents to now having 130 on board, who cover everywhere from as far north as Vero Beach down to the Florida Keys.

Sutter & Nugent, Sea Gate Delray Beach

I had a chance to sit down with the men behind Sutter & Nugent and find out just why they choose to work in Sunny South Florida. Meet Talbot Sutter, broker and president of the company, a lifelong Palm Beach County resident, making him incredibly well-versed in this locale. Talbot also comes from a long line of real estate agents, and knows the industry’s ins and outs. What Talbot enjoys most about working in South Florida is getting to meet some pretty influential people from all over the world — New York, Canada, Europe. People with interesting backgrounds who come down to Florida and make big investments in a home here. He enjoys hearing their stories, learning about how they made their fortune, or how they came to be where they are in life.

Next we talked to Matthew Moser, the Delray Beach Brand Director. Matt mainly covers the Delray Beach and Boca areas, east of Federal Highway (US 1). He says he shows homes that could be anywhere from $100,000 up to $7 million. Matt was inspired to get into the real estate world about six years ago by Talbot, and jumped on board right away when he learned about the new agency. He believed in Talbot’s vision and their goals aligned, so it was a natural fit. Matt also believes that it’s the combination of old school marketing plus new technological advancements, such as social media and the Internet in general, that can help a real estate agency make its mark in the industry. Matt stresses how often he is surprised by the quality of people that become his clients that he wouldn’t have expected at first glance. Sometimes it’s a big time CEO or president of a company who walks into an open house, wearing swim trunks and flip flops, in their most relaxed state.

Sutter & Nugent, Sea Gate Delray Beach
Credit: Jared King, Happy Homes Media

Lastly, we meet Sutter & Nugent agent, Brian Fairweather, who started in real estate about four years ago after the convincing of Talbot, whom he knows from attending college together at Florida State. Brian’s background was in building and interior design, always wanting to get into real estate, so it didn’t take much convincing for Talbot to bring him on. He covers mainly the north part of the county, from Palm Beach to Tequesta, and just recently closed an impressive $6.5 million deal in North Palm Beach. Brian takes pride in the fact that as a South Florida real estate agent, he is able to represent that coveted relaxed lifestyle, as well as some of the most beautiful properties in the world. He describes some of his clients as “Titans of Industry,” who are looking to move out of that 24/7 lifestyle, into a more scenic, calm atmosphere, and he enjoys being able to help them find what they’re looking for.

Sutter & Nugent, Sea Gate Delray Beach

You know I also had to ask these guys where their favorite South Florida restaurants are… Talbot, with no hesitation, cited U Tiki in Jupiter — although he says the food isn’t the best, but he likes it for the atmosphere. Matt, being the Boca guy in the group, claimed his favorites as Houston’s and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Brian took the more upscale foodie angle and said his go-to spots are Buccan in Palm Beach, and Cafe Chardonnay in Palm Beach Gardens. He also mentioned Square Grouper as a good spot if you’re looking for greasy food and a good view.

Sutter & Nugent, Sea Gate Delray Beach

Talbot, Matt and Brian all believe that Sutter & Nugent’s success rate has a lot to do with the caliber of agents they work with. As Matt put it, “Good people reap good business and good fortune.” He also links the success of each individual agent to the management skills of Talbot. As president, he has an active interest in each and every one of his employees, calling them on a regular basis, asking them how things are going, continuously driving and motivating them to do their best.

Sutter & Nugent, Sea Gate Delray Beach

If you’re in need of a high-end real estate agent in South Florida, call Sutter & Nugent at 561-249-7266, or visit their website to check out their listings. Follow them on social media too: Facebook | Instagram




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