The One Man Wolf Pack, Marc Volpicelli, takes the win for #BarBrawls Week 6

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bar brawls

  • Contenders: Alain Camacho from The Office / Marc Volpicelli / Randy Rapposelli from Brule Bistro
  • Judges: Eric Baker, Executive Chef of Max’s Social House and Max’s Harvest /Josh Gates, mixologist and managing partner of Lake Worth’s Tiki-Ono / John “Fitzy” Fitzpatrick, bartender at 32 East and former Bar Brawls competitor
  • Mystery Spirit: Chinaco Anejo Tequila
  • Mystery Ingredients: Branca Menta and Squid Ink

In Round 1, the classic cocktail given to our contenders was the Paloma, a popular Mexican cocktail. A misstep in balancing the flavors of the drink led to Alain Camacho’s demise, and it was Randy and Marc moving on to Round 2!

Things got a little fishy in the second round — Squid Ink was revealed as one of the ingredients. Squid ink in a cocktail!? Only at Bar Brawls… The other ingredient was a mint-flavored liqueur with herbs and spices called Branca Menta. Read the full recap here.

And the win goes to… Marc Volpicelli!

Photo Credit: Kelly Coulson

Winning Cocktails

Photo Credit: Kelly Coulson

Abstract Ink
Muddled cucumber and strawberry
Agave nectar
Branca Menta
Lime juice
Chocolate bitters
Garnished with a squid ink-dipped strawberry

Photo Credit: Kelly Coulson

Smoked Menta Tequila Negroni
Branca Menta
Grapefruit and orange bitters


Next Wednesday, November 11th, will be a showdown between Lee Klein from Burt & Max’s, Brett Hart from Hullabaloo and Yeiry Medero from Oceans234.



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