VIP at The Boca Beach Club

Wednesday will be my one-year anniversary since I moved to Florida. I can’t believe I’ve been here a year — time really has flown. For four months, I was pretty much on vacation. It got to the point where my parents even gave me an ultimatum if I didn’t find a job soon. The new year didn’t just bring in the year 2012, but it brought me a new full time job with a great company. Whew! 
I’m so excited to finally be able to check dining at The Boca Beach Club off my list! Kristy and Val were amazing hosts and the food was incredible. I feel so lucky to have experienced such a beautiful and exclusive spot here in South Florida. I can’t wait to come back and explore more of what this wonderful place has to offer.
We started out with mango-passionfruit mojitos at the lounge. Real fruit puree + flavored rum = absolute deliciousness. I love traditional mojitos, but when a flavored one is made really well, it surpasses any other. These definitely did. After our drinks, we headed over to the restaurant. The dining area is really inviting. I felt super special because our table had couch seating and was right in the center of everything. Yeah, we were pretty VIP.  I loved that; being comfortable while you’re eating makes the experience that much better. The first thing to come out was the bread and fish dip. Sometimes I’m a little put off by this kind of dip because it could be way too fishy, but this was cooked perfectly. Paired with the pretzel bread brought to the table, it was a great start to the meal. For appetizers, we got the lump crab stuffed mushrooms and asian shrimp pot stickers. I liked both dishes a lot, but those mushrooms… Oh my God. They were awesome! For dinner, I got the banana leaf baked cod with an edamame puree and miso-glazed bok choy, mushrooms and carrots. The cod was so tender, it pretty much melted in your mouth. I would compare it to Chilean sea bass, but much better. Kristy got swordfish with salsa verde and mashed potatoes. I tried a bite of the swordfish — very good! It’s a much meatier fish than cod, so the taste is a lot different, but I did really like it. For dessert, I had to get the apricot bread pudding. Just the sound of it made my mouth water. It totally lived up to what Val had told me about it. When he described the dessert to me, I didn’t even have to look at what else was offered. I always thought the idea of bread pudding was weird until a few years ago. Someone made it at a holiday pot-luck party I attended at work back in college and thought it was pretty good. I haven’t had it since then and this was just the perfect one to bring me back into a bread-pudding mode. Many, many thanks to my friends Kristy and Val for a delicious dinner and wonderful experience at the Boca Beach Club!



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